Sunday, March 7, 2021
Nortel Telephones
CLEANED TELEPHONES: All exposed surfaces of telephone base and handset are cleaned to remove dirt ink and stickers. 

REFURBISHED TELEPHONES: As a cost saving measure for the customer and to lessen our environmental impact, "like new" plastic components are not replaced unless specified by the customer.  All exposed surfaces of telephone base are cleaned to remove dirt, ink and stickers.  Any plastic components that do not meet out "like new" criteria are replaced.  The customer is only billed on a per component basis.  Cost for individual components vary. Maximum cost is shown in "test/refurb" or "repair/refurb" column. 

Please specify Base Only or Complete 
*New handset, Cords, Stands, mounts, literature available at an additional cost.
As part of the repair process some telephones will require new displays. If available these are usually quite costly.
If applicable, we will contact you so you can weigh your options and make an informed decision regarding display.

Nortel Repairs and Pricing
NT1100 EXP MOD          
NT1120E IP $30.00 $16.50 $45.00 $37.50 $65.00
NT1140E IP $30.00 $16.50 $45.00 $37.50 $65.00
NT1150E IP          
NT1165E IP          
NT1210 IP          
NT1220 IP          
NT1230 IP          
NT2033 CONF  $75.00  $25.00  $50.00 $82.50   $100.00

Call: 866-287-9786
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