Thursday, May 23, 2024
Merlin Magix Circuit Packs

Merlin Magix systems are versatile and effective platforms for small to medium sized offices.  They were built as the next generation of the Merlin II platform. In service since the 1990's, the Magix systems still have a wide user base to this day. 

Circuit Packs and Pricing
008MLX 8 Port MLX   $50.00
016ETR 16 Port X T/R   $50.00
016MLX 16 Port MLX   $50.00
016T/R 16 Port TIP/RING   $75.00
024TDL 24 Port TDL   $75.00
100DS1 24 Port DS1   $50.00
408 G S/LS 4 Line, 8 MLX   $50.00
412TDL 4 Line, 12 TDL   $50.00
800G S/LS 8 Line   $50.00

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