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Avaya - Partner Modules
Before rising demand from IP solutions was met with falling demand for Avaya Partner systems, partner modules were the most common family of equipment found in our repair facility.  Throughout the years, thousands of partner modules have left and continue to leave us in working order.  With that kind of training, we are your solution for Partner repair.  From the oldest 206 Module to the last R8 509 processor made, we can handle it for you.

Repair price includes painting housing and power supply rebuild (if necessary), along with our One Year Warranty.

Partner Modules and Pricing
200E 2 LINE   $50.00
400E 4 LINE   $50.00
400EC 4 LINE CID   $50.00
206R 2 LINE / 6 STA S/A   $50.00
206E 2 LINE / 6 STA EXP   $50.00
206EC 2 LINE / 6 STA EXP W/ CID   $50.00
PRT PLUS  / PRT I I  PROC    $50.00
ACS012E 12 STA EXP   $75.00
ACS308EC 3 LINE / 8 STA EXP   $50.00
ACS 308 PROCESSOR (R1-R6)   $75.00
ACS 509 PROCESSOR (R7-R8)   $75.00
5 SLOT CARRIER    $50.00
PRT VS MAIL R1 - R5    $75.00
PRT MSGING R1  $100.00
PRT MESSAGING R6 & R7  $100.00

Call: 866-287-9786
Please Note:

*Module housings are painted as needed in the refurbishing process

*Preventative maintenance is done on all 206 modules as well as on 308 modules that require it.

B T Systems, Inc. is an independent company specializing in telecommunication equipment repair and sales.  B T Systems, Inc. is not affiliated with and does not represent Avaya, Nortel, Cisco or Polycom.   Trademarks and logos are the property of their respective manufacturers.
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